The Inner Game was founded on the principle that we all have greater inner resources than we know until they are most needed. And most of us, have unquestioned assumptions and doubts that make it more difficult than is necessary to access and express our potential in every day life.


What then is the value of the Inner Game in a world of chaos?


How can we discover own inner harmony in the midst of external conflict and violence?


Can we not find our own inner reality, by our independent choice?

In this days, when many people talks of accelerating learning in organizations but few have actually done it, the words of a master like Tim Gallwey are timely indeed.

“I understood that the Inner Game  was not just a concept applicable to sport players, but a powerful tool for natural learning.”

A Special Invitation from Tim Gallwey

We all have within ourselves the ability, to take the path of inner Victory regardless of our temporary external environment or circumstances.

For this reason, I am looking forward to coming together to share with each other, not only our challenges, but also the inner resources that have helped us with our efforts to live our best lives through the challenges we face as human beings today.

I wholeheartedly invite all who can see the value of sharing our best with each other, including our compassion. My intention is that by coming together with resolve to share our hopes and our strengths, it can help each of us as individuals, and together create a greater positive impact on our world.
-Tim Gallwey-

A great opportunity to reflect about yourself.

During two 3-hour sessions (Saturday and Sunday 11am-2pm EST), attendees will get the opportunity to interact with Tim Gallwey and stay up to date on Inner Game main concepts. It’s a great opportunity to think on your life and your personal decisions.

About Tim Gallwey

As a boy, Tim Gallwey was nationally ranked tennis player in his division and later captained his Harvard University team.

On what was meant to be a sabbatical from a career in college administration, Gallwey worked as a tennis instructor in Monterey, CA. Initially, he focused his efforts on giving traditional instructions with mixed results. He soon discovered that if he simply invited his students to focus their awareness on their strokes as they were, technique evolved naturally and seemed to self correct. Players using Gallwey’s methods improved far more rapidly than usual, and without self-criticism or trying so hard to “do it right.” By quieting self-interference, they were more able to tap into their natural abilities with greater ease.

From this discovery came Gallwey’s first book, The Inner Game of Tennis, which has sold over two million copies. Other books in the Inner Game series include applications to Golf, Skiing, Music, Work and Stress.

In the years after his first book’s release, readers even began to employ the Inner Game methods to their lives off court, and Tim moved into applying The Inner Game methods of change to corporate work. His long term clients  included Apple, AT&T, The Coca Cola Company, and Rolls Royce where he applied The Inner Game of coaching for Leadership, Sales, Change Management and Teamwork. Gallwey’s work has often been credited as the foundation of the new fields of corporate and life coaching.

Tim’s current focus lies in developing The Inner Game Institute to make Inner Game tools available globally to aid individuals of any age or background in achieving their goals anywhere, anytime.

The Inner Game of Life Today:
A Weekend with Tim Gallwey

Saturday, April 30, 2022 – Sunday, May 01, 2022

11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

From 11am to 2pm US EST

Live and Online Via Zoom

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