Welcome to The Inner Game Global Team.

We are delighted to welcome you and have full confidence that you will have a significant impact in your field and market segment through the implementation of our Inner Game Methodology program.

As an Inner Game facilitator, you will have the valuable chance to disseminate the principles and tools developed by Tim Gallwey over 50 years ago.

Throughout this period, our method has been successfully implemented by professionals, leaders, high-performance athletes, and respected companies such Apple, IBM, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Fidelity, GE, Charles Schwab, and Rolls-Royce, among others.

We are just starting The New Era and seek your ideas and feelings to expand our global impact. We are here to provide full support to help you successfully accomplish your goals.

All members of The Inner Game Global Team are exceptionally experienced and have the necessary expertise to comprehend and implement key concepts in the area of people and organizational development.