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The Inner Game concept was created in 1970’s by Timothy Gallwey – The father of modern Coaching. Since it’s creation, our team has guided Fortune 500 companies, professional teams, leaders, star athletes and sports teams to achieve better results. The Inner Game Institute provides the same deceptively simple and highly effective tools to anyone, anywhere presented in a dynamic and adaptive multi-cultural approach.


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New Inner Game Book

50th Anniversary Edition
We launched this special edition on June 4, 2024.

This timeless guide to achieving the state of “relaxed concentration” is not only the key to peak performance in tennis but the secret to success in life itself—now in a 50th anniversary edition with an updated epilogue, a foreword by Bill Gates, and an updated preface from NFL coach Pete Carroll

“Groundbreaking . . . the best guide to getting out of your own way . . . Its profound advice applies to many other parts of life.”—Bill Gates, Gates Notes (“Five of My All-Time Favorite Books”)

This phenomenally successful guide to mastering the game from the inside out has become a touchstone for hundreds of thousands of people. Billie Jean King has called the book her tennis bible; Al Gore has used it to focus his campaign staff; and Itzhak Perlman has recommended it to young violinists.

Based on W. Timothy Gallwey’s profound realization that the key to success doesn’t lie in holding the racket just right, this transformative book gives you the tools to unlock your own potential.

The Method


The most common barriers to reaching optimal potential are the ways we all interfere with ourselves; Self-doubt, fear of failure, judgmental thinking, and confusion of goals. We tend to be our own worst enemies. Fearless focus is the key to an unobstructed course.


For decades, The Inner Game has been a secret weapon of high-performing individuals and teams. This deceptively simple practice of learning from experience is the key to growing while doing. Be more conscious. Tap into your inner expert. You’ll enjoy what happens next.


Learning and evolving are inherently enjoyable when impulses of self-interference are ignored instead of entertained. When you can work and play “in the zone” or “the flow,” you will naturally learn, and enjoy richly – human performance at its purest.


The Inner Game Institute provides a number of programs to help leaders and teams become more aware of their potential and interferences, resulting in a genuine learning-from-experience atmosphere. All programs can be tailored and offered in several languages. If you need increase people engagement, self-awareness, communication and leadership skills, one of our program can help for sure.


If you work in coaching, mentoring, human resources development, education, consultancy, leadership, or any sports area, you may have an interest in becoming one of our Inner Game facilitators. We started our global expansion in 2016 with the main mission of bringing Inner Game concepts and tools to a large number of people.

The Inner Game Institute is inviting you to attend this intensive training with the main goal of preparing you to deliver one of our most popular programs, The Inner Game Methodology Workshop. If you are interested in bringing this magical program to your region, city, country, or specific market niche, this is your chance.

Next Program: October 12th and 13th – 2024 – Online via Zoom

Applications are open NOW.


This program is designed to expose participants to the essential core of The Inner Game Method. The Inner Game’s first major learning step is that within every human being, there are two selves. Self 1 is the conscious ego mind that we as humans have invented on top of the real self that we were born with. Self 2 is the human being itself.

The most common barriers to reaching optimal potential are the ways we all interfere with ourselves: self-doubt, fear of failure, judgmental thinking, and confusion of goals. We tend to be our own worst enemies.

Each attendee of this workshop will have the great opportunity to understand how to play and win your own inner game. This program is delivered live and online, in different languages. Check our calendar for upcoming programs.


How can we rewire ourselves and the organizations we work for, hardwired for stability, control, and predictability, into cultures that value not only performance but also authentic human growth, learning, and evolution?

This workshop demonstrates an approach that boosts learning and achievement. It encourages you to reconsider your motivations and principles of success. It helps to define the landscape of what we call a highly performing, integrated organization.

The Inner Game of Performance is a program for professionals and individuals that are challenged to grow themselves and be aware of their possibilities. Leaders, young talents, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, and executives can take advantage of Inner Game tools to help them deal with day-to-day issues.


A salesperson’s goal is to convince customers to buy. Inner Game prepares salespeople to achieve sales success at the source of this process. That source corresponds to the “inner” thought process of a customer’s ears. The Inner Game training provides sellers with the ability to influence this “inner” dialog that determines success for all sales.

Agility is essential for sales. Customers are always introducing the unexpected. The program encourages salespeople learn to “think on their feet” to handle unexpected customer answers successfully.

We need to ensure that salesmen practice and apply “buying without trying.” We develop sales people how to use consumer decision-performance as leverage. Selling becomes effortless, and even enjoyable.

Buying is the desired outcome of selling, consequently the goal of selling is to buy. Traditional sales training is “off-purpose.” It focuses on enhancing a salesperson’s selling performance. The Inner Game Selling program runs “on purpose.” We focus on helping salespeople improve their customers’ purchasing performance.

Bring this workshop into your company.

We Recommend

“The Inner Game” best-seller books have sold more than 2 million copies in more than fifty languages. “The Inner Game of Tennis”, the first book launched in the early 70’s, is still one of the Amazon best sellers in sports psychology. A new 50th Years Celebration Edition of “The Inner Game of Tennis” was launched in June-2024.

“Since his first book, “The Inner Game of Tennis”, I have been fascinated and personally benefited by the incredible empowerment of Tim Gallwey’s insights into his analysis of Self 1 and Self 2. This work-related study is a liberating analogy and inspires us to relax and trust our true Self.”

“In these days, when many people talk of accelerating learning in organizations but few have actually done it. The words of a master like Tim Gallwey are timely indeed.”

“I understood that “The Inner Game” was not just a concept applicable to sport players, but a powerful tool for natural learning.”

“He first came across “The Inner Game of Tennis” book when playing for the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s. His friend and mentor, and current shooting coach for the San Antonio Spurs, Chip Engellend, introduced him to the book as a way of dealing with the stress of being a bench player. Kerr credits the book with helping him not overthink every mistake he made and have more fun while playing the game he loves.”

“Perhaps this is why it is said that great poetry is born in silence. Great music and art are said to arise from the quiet depths of the unconscious, and true expressions of love are said to come from a source which lies beneath words and thoughts. So it is with the greatest efforts in sports; they come when the mind is as still as a glass lake.” Tom Brady cited a book called “The Inner Game of Tennis”.”

Carroll says he might drop “Inner Game” in a player’s locker. Other times he passes along a chapter or a passage. He long ago stopped using the actual language of the book in practice. “I don’t talk about it with the team,” Carroll says. “We don’t tell them about it, we just do it. We incorporate it into everything we do.”

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