Tim Gallwey is the originator of the The Inner Game. His best-selling book The Inner Game of Tennis was first published in 1974. He is recognized as the forerunner of coaching and leadership through natural learning having working with many successful companies such as Apple, IBM, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Harley-Davidson, among many others.

Renato Ricci has worked for the past ten years with Tim Gallwey assisting him in the implementation and promotion of the Inner Game programs worldwide. His background and experience came from corporate environment where he has worked since 1990 as a consultant and an executive mentor. He is co-founder and responsible for business development of The Inner Game Institute by Tim Gallwey.

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If you work with coaching, mentoring, human resources development, education maybe you have interest to be one of our Inner Game facilitators. We started in 2016 global expansion with the main mission to bring Inner Game concepts and tools to a large number of people.

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