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Are you a coach looking to elevate your skills and deepen your understanding of the coaching process? Join us for a transformative experience at The Inner Game for Coaches!

Course Dates:

September 21-22, 2024

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for professionals in the field of personal development, including coaches, mentors, and trainers working in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, business, sports, health, and more.

And is offered by The Inner Game Institute, founded by Timothy Gallwey, the pioneer of modern coaching.

Program Details:

Two days of live, online sessions via Zoom.

Access to a video library featuring Tim Gallwey for 30 days on-demand.

$1490 (can be paid in two installments).

Participants will receive a certificate of participation issued by The Inner Game Institute by Timothy Gallwey (USA).

Experiential Learning: Engage in two days of 100% experiential training to enhance your coaching abilities.

Access powerful Inner Game tools that will take your coaching to the next level of performance.

Learn to integrate various coaching philosophies with the foundational principles of The Inner Game.

“Since his first book, The Inner Game of Tennis, I have been fascinated and personally benefited by the incredible empowerment of Tim Gallwey’s insights into his analysis of Self 1 and Self 2. This work-related study is a liberating analogy and inspires us to relax and trust our true Self.”

“In these days, when many people talk of accelerating learning in organizations but few have actually done it, the words of a master like Tim Gallwey are timely indeed.”

“Even as the outer game has changed, the inner game has remained the same. Gallwey had one particular insight that seems crazy the first time you hear it. The secret to winning any game lies in not trying too hard. The Inner Game is surprisingly profound.”

“I understood that the Inner Game was not just a concept applicable to sport players, but a powerful tool for natural learning.”

Before you decide to be part of our global team, we recommend that you watch these videos (just a few minutes investment).

Some or our customers and business partners

About The Inner Game

In the mid-1970s, Tim Gallwey gained valuable insights into experiential learning during one of his tennis classes in California. He realized that individuals could enhance their learning experience through a more hands-on approach. In his 1974 book, The Inner Game of Tennis, he initially introduced this concept. What started as a simple book for tennis players has transformed into a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to excel in their chosen field, whether it be sports or other personal endeavors.

Very soon, the method was embraced by companies like Apple, AT&T, IBM, and Coca-Cola, among others.

Tim is well recognized as the father of modern coaching.

Train the Trainer Program Steps

Application Form

We want to know about your motivations to become an Inner Game facilitator, your background, and your target area, country, or market. This is a required step.

Application Approval

We can determine whether your profile aligns with The Inner Game Institute’s vision and goals after analyzing your application. After approval, you will be contacted by our team who will describe the next steps.

TIG Methodology

You will participate in our TIG Methodology program online. This will be an opportunity for you to interact with its amazing content. This is the time when you’ll be able to take notes and prepare yourself for the next step, which will be the live 2-day Train the Trainer program.

TTT training
2 days online

You will have live contact with our Inner Game Master Trainers. This will be a great opportunity to practice delivering the Methodology program. It is very important that you bring to our trainers the doubts and questions you may have noted from the previous step.


After two days of online and live training, each attendee will be invited to practice the content learned. All the details of this step will be presented during the training.


After two days of online and live training, each attendee will be invited to practice the content learned. All the details of this step will be presented during the training.

Renato Ricci will be your trainer during this program. He’s been working with The Inner Game since 2012. Renato is also the co-founder of The Inner Game Institute with Tim Gallwey.

Jeffrey Lipsius will co-facilitate the program. He’s been working directly with Tim Gallwey for many years. He is the creator and trainer of The Inner Game of Selling. Jeffrey is the author of an award winning book, Selling To The Point. Timothy Gallwey personally endorsed Jeffrey’s book.

Licensee Agreement

We do not charge licensee fees in advance from our facilitators.

After completing the application, you will receive an agreement outlining the process for using our brand and intellectual property.

Our license fee is based on a percentage of income you generate from selling and delivering our programs to individuals or corporations.


The full value of the Train the Trainer program is US$1,350, which you can pay in two installments of US $675.

This value includes participation in all Train The Trainer Steps and a digital Badge as a 2024 IG Official Facilitator.

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