Mental Awareness – Self Control – Overcome Obstacles


February – 20, 21, 27, 28th and March – 27th | 2021

09:00 AM – 01:00 PM


This workshop is for you!

“It is the theme of this program that neither mastery nor satisfaction can be found in the playing of any game without giving some attention to the relatively neglected skills of the Inner Game. This is the game that takes place in the mind of the player, and it is played against such obstacles as lapses in concentration, nervousness, self-doubt and self-condemnation. In short, it is played to overcome all habits of mind which inhibit excellence in performance.”

Timothy Gallwey

Live and Offline – You can access the content of all modules
according your time convenience

All the program will be recorded and you can have fully access for 60 days. The official language of the program is English.

Your Inner Game Facilitators

Timothy Gallwey

Tim is the originator of The Inner Game since 1970’s, author of the best seller The Inner Game of Tennis with more than 2 millions copies sold. During the last decades he has helped sports people and teams development. He worked for important companies like Apple, Harley-Davidson, AT&T, IBM, Rolls-Royce among others. Tim is the founder of The Inner Game Institute.

Renato Ricci

Renato has more than 30 years of experience in leadership, teams and career development. For the last 10 years he has been working with Tim Gallwey as a trainer and a business development consultant. He trained more than 500 people in The Inner Game Method in different countries like: USA, Italy, Brazil, Russia among others. Renato is the Co-founder of The Inner Game Institute.

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Add value to your Workshop

– Limited Places –

What about to include in your program one exclusive Coaching or Mentoring session pre, during or after the event, with our facilitators Tim Gallwey and Renato Ricci. It is a great opportunity to discuss your personal, professional or career challenges with very well experienced people. Tim and Renato will be proud to help you improve your own inner game. To know more about it, just check the box in our registration form.