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The Inner Game of Selling and Sales Leadership Workshop.


Whether you know it or not, you are already a salesperson. We live in an interconnected world. We will inevitably depend upon the decisions of others to fulfill our aims. Your ability to influence those decisions determines how well you can enlist others in support of your goals.


Most Inner Game of Tennis readers weren’t tennis players. Inner Game principles are universally applicable. They can enhance any performance based activity. By learning about one Inner Game application we gain insights for getting the most out of any performance based pursuit.

What is so great about this workshop?

During this program you have opportunity to experience and learn how to deal with personal and professional daily challenges. Here you have some examples of our workshop content.

– Main fundamentals and the essence of learning from experience.

– How to apply Inner Game concept to achieve more effective results.

– Use non judgmental listening, self interference cycle and unconditional trust to improve sales.

– Applying the PLE (performance, learning and enjoyment) model.

Re-capture the Fun and Learning of Selling

 Inner Game is about re-capturing the fun of learning. The Inner Game of Selling is about this as well. As little children we were great salespeople. Handling objections was effortless. We’d always ask for the sale after propositioning Mom or Dad. Selling was actually very natural. What happened to that magic? Our judgment about the outcome interferes with that fun. The Inner Game of Selling is about learning to remove that interference to discover our inner selling potential.

2 sessions of 3 hours each.

6 hours | Live or Online


    The Inner Game of Selling is one official program created by Timothy Gallwey and exclusively delivered by authorised facilitators approved by The Inner Game Institute LLC USA.


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